Membership Information

We are a dedicated group of men and women who take pride in the authentic reenactment of the Old West, bringing the spirit and history of the Old West to life.

We pride ourselves in presenting Old West Authenticity representing the period of 1866 to 1892 by portraying colorful fictional and non-fictional characters.

Imagine coming to life as an old west gunfighter, cowboy, scoundrel, law dawg, cowhand, outlaw, bull whacker, townsfolk, saloon girl, and other eccentric characters.  Our Old West re-enactments include gunfights, shootouts, bar fights, and much more.

The membership of the Prescott Regulators and their Shady Ladies is a varied group of men and women representing people that moved west to settle the American frontier.  We draw from all professions and age groups, students to seniors, ranchers to executives.  We all share a common link:  a love of and enthusiasm for the history of the Old West.

In addition to re-enactments, parades, and events promoting the rich history of Prescott, Yavapai County, and Arizona the Prescott Regulators & Their Shady Ladies raise funds for the Yavapai College Military and Military Families scholarship fund. In 2022 we donated $10,000.00.

A passion for old west history is our basic requirement for membership.  Members are to provide their own clothing and arms.

If you think you’re interested in joining our group, we invite you to use the Contact page on our web site.